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A faithful addition to the Star Trek family

Star Trek is an action game based on the popular series that will see you playing Kirk and Spock as they fight their way through combat and puzzles.

A co-op adventure

Kirk and Spock co-operate in the game, which sees you crawling through air ducts and broken doors to tackle marauding hoards of aliens. The missions are similar to the ones seen in the movie, so you'll find a good variety of both planets and battles.

The Star Trek gameplay is strictly linear, but you'll still need a bit of logical thinking to search for clues and solve puzzles. A tool that you'll find indispensable, the tricoder, can be obtained by finding hidden objects, for example.

You can play Star Trek as either the Vulcan Spock or wise Captain Kirk. You can't change character while you're playing, but you can invite other players to the game online, and they can choose the other character. If either Spock or Kirk falls in battle, the other can revive him and only when you're both dead does the game end.

Acceptable controls

To control characters in Star Trek, you use the mouse and keyboard, and we found it pretty much ok for most of the game. In battle, however, the controls seemed a little clunkier.

Great soundtrack, ok graphics

We liked Star Trek's spaceships, which are detailed and well-reconstructed. We weren't so keen on the rest of the graphics though, as they seemed a little weak and one-dimensional.

The soundtrack was also a plus. It represents the spirit of the films and series perfectly, and totally transports you to the Star Trek of old.

Not just for Star Trek fans

Fans of the series will love this game. It's solid and will totally immerse you in the world of Star Trek. While we have to admit that the game's not the most impressive we've ever seen, the storytelling, soundtrack and general feel of the game means that lots of gamers, whether fans or not, will enjoy it.


  • Compelling story
  • Co-op play
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Nice environments


  • Fights are weak
  • Too linear
  • Some graphics are weak

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Star Trek for PC

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  • (19)
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